The Community of Brize Norton


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Extracts from 1916 Almanac can be found here


Residents of Brize Norton
c. 1928

References in the Domesday Book can be found here, but see also the entry under genealogy

Brize Norton

The village dates from the Middle Ages and is mentioned in the Domesday Book.  Up to the first half of the 20th century the village was a self-sufficient agricultural community linked with Bampton.

A full write up is available:  

Brize Norton through the Ages - Millenium History

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The USAF Welcome Document makes amusing reading

The RAF Transport Command brochure is another piece of history

We have added a piece written by Dora Woodley with her memories of the village

Some information regarding the Village Funeral Bier

The Pavillion Clock

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John Cambray (village blacksmith) NEW

Royal British Legion at Brize Norton NEW

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Some information about the Poor's Plot

Witney Gazette Article about the formation of the
        Brize Norton School, Association

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