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Brize Norton Poors Plot

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Here is an exchange with Wendy Morgan regarding the Poors Plot.  Wendy his a

local history expert and long time archivist for St Britius Church in Brize Norton.


In answer to your query. HenryFletcher in his will of 1755 bequeathed a cow
pasture to provide 5s to support 2 poor widows' Common rights were
stopped with the Inclosures of 1776 and the Inclosure Commissioners allocated
10 acres in  the S E of the parish adjoining Lew Heath to the
Vicar and Churchwardens for the raising of furze or other fuel for the poor
(probably the same area which in a 1770 map is noted as Marsh
Haddon Common-opposite side of the road to the farm). In 1805 the land was let and
rental distribution at Christmas given to the poor. In 1825 and 1835 the income from the
so-called  'Poor's Plot' was £5. In 1970 Brize Norton Charities were re-organised and the
Charities Commissioners Scheme added the capital of Miss Ann Summers Charity (in 1731 she
gave £10 annually to poor widows) with to the 10 acres forming the Widows Money Fuel
Allotment Charity.  (This is probably the official title and the 'Poor's Plot' the local name) and
this gives money as grants and loans to the elderly.


Hope this helps. Wendy







Phil Holmes  Updated on Tuesday 17 June 2016