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Friends of St Britius

The Friends of St Britius was formed during the major roof project for St Britius Church some years ago.  The object was to involve a wider community in the well being of the church.  We pointed out that St Britius was a vital asset to the village.  Although members may not be church goers, they surely recognised the value of having the church albeit for baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Members also identified with the historical nature of the church building dating from Norman times and mentioned in the Domesday Book.

So by becoming a Friend of St Britius you agree to make a modest contribution to the upkeep of the church and its churchyard.

In these difficult times, with COVID 19 restrictions affecting our ability to hold fund raising events, support from the Friends of St Britius is more important than ever.  We have no major projects such as the roof nevertheless we do need funds to maintain the fabric of the church and for ongoing running costs so that the church is there for everyone including important events such as Remembrance and Religious Festivals.

Please do not confuse this initiative with our facebook page of the same name.  Here we are talking about material support whilst the facebook page is concerned with communication.

Friends Subscriptions

Subscriptions from Friends last year raised 245. As you can see your subscription is important to us to keep our church maintained, warm and welcoming to the community.  We do hope you will feel able to continue to help by renewing your Friends of St Britius Subscription for this year.

Cheques should be made payable to Brize Norton PCC. Monies can also be paid through online banking to Brize Norton PCC, Bank Sort Code 20-97-48, Acct. No. 20205559. If possible, please use the attached form to allow us to claim Gift Aid as this adds 25% to your donation courtesy of HMRC. Please send your cheque and completed form to Dr Phil Holmes at Church Farm House, Carterton Road, Brize Norton, OX18 3LY. You must sign and date the form to qualify. Contact Phil by email at for any help.

Also please consider setting up an annual standing order or direct debit from your bank using the above information, so we won't have to approach you every year.

Thank you

Once again your continued support is very much appreciated to keep St Britius a visible permanent sign of the Christian community in the village. It hopefully continues to speak, without words, of values and purposes that are important for us as human beings.

We hope this will encourage you to become or  remain a Friend of St Britius. Thank you in anticipation.


Please use this form to join “Friends of St Britius”.                              (Please delete items as appropriate)

First Name:



Full Postal Address:


Email Address:


Please renew my membership of Friends of St Britius (at least 10) or I wish to join the
"Friends of St Britius" and I agree to pay at least 10 annual subscription.

I would like St Britius Church to treat my subscription as a gift aid donation. I confirm that
I am a UK tax payer and do pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least
equal to the tax reclaimed on this donation.

I am happy for the Church to keep the above personal details on file under the UK Data
Protection Act, I understand that my personal data will not be used for any purpose other
than the work of the Church. I wish to join the “Friends of St Britius”.

Signed:                                                   Dated:

Completed forms should be returned to Phil Holmes (Churchwarden)
at Church Farm House, Brize Norton  (Tel. 01993 843856)




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