Belonging to a local church

"The early church had no church buildings. The church for them was a collection of people, not a place of worship. You did not just ‘go’ to church. You belonged to the church and you were the church."

"It is difficult to be a Christian on your own. To be a Christian means to have a special relationship with God and with other people. That relationship must be living and growing. So we need to be part of the church if we are to grow as a Christian."




I want to find out what "belonging to local church" means to people in this day and age. 

I have a two stage process.  First, I invite you to complete a short online survey. 
Second, I will interview a cross-section of willing respondents to explore the subject in more depth.

  • An invitation to participate here
  • Learn more about this study here
  • The consent form is here
  • Participate in the online survey here (Note this is now closed)
  • Ask questions or give comments through email here

By virtue of completing the online survey you agree to be part of the study
as set out in the consent form.  I will however ask you to sign a consent
form if you are interviewed for stage two having indicated in the online
survey that you are willing.

Thank you for your input

Rev Roy Turner